We Craft Snacks With Imagination

At Fruitivity Snackswe believe fruit is more than just food. It’s a playground of creativity and inspiration. Through curious combinations and infusions, we craft all-natural snacks unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.

Our “Soak It In” process uses 100% fruit juice to pump apples full of flavor before drying and preserving them the natural way—no added sweeteners or artificial preservatives required.

We believe that snacking should be for everyone—which is why our products are non-GMO, free of refined sugar and artificial preservatives, and certified gluten-free.

Snacking For The Greater Good

At Fruitivity HQ, we like to think outside the produce aisle, and that out-of-the-box thinking doesn’t stop when our snacks are shipped off to customers.

We’re committed to reducing food waste by partnering with nonprofit groups like Community Fruit Rescue to harvest and distribute fruit that might simply be thrown out—encouraging people to take advantage of the delicious bounty in their own backyard and public spaces.

We also believe strongly in funding programs to protect the environment, encourage children to explore their endless creativity, and cultivate education and entrepreneurship. Fruitivity Snacks is proud to be a part of 1% For The Planet and a Certified B-Corp, a business dedicated to social and environmental change.

When you purchase our snacks, you’re doing more than making a healthy choice for your family.