Fruit and Veggie Paint Stamping


Fruit Stamping


  1. Wash and dry fruits and veggies.
  2. Cut the fruit and veggies into stamps
    1. Cut apples and pears in half lengthwise
    2. Cut citrus fruits in half crosswise
    3. Cut corn into a 3 inch piece and stab a stick through like a rolling pin
    4. Cut bell peppers in half crosswise and take out the seeds
    5. Cut mushrooms in half lengthwise
    6. Cut carrots and potatoes into any shape you want
    7. Cut the base off of romaine
  3. Pour paint into plates or trays
  4. Dip the fruit and veggies in the paint, make sure it is evenly coated
  5. Stamp the fabric or paper firmly
  6. Allow time to dry


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