Celebrate Summer with Fruit Plates

You’re going to love these fun fruit plates!

The perfect fruity family arts & crafts project for you and your kids!

Things you need: paper plates, paint, construction paper, glue, and scissors! Optional – googly eyes, seeds, or other desired decorations

Apple: Paint the back of the plate red and add a little piece of brown construction paper for the stem and green construction paper for the leave. Optional: the worm!

Watermelon: paint the whole front of the plate light green then lay down a smaller circle of pink paper. Add seeds to your liking. Cut a bite out for a cute twist!Fruit Plate Arts and Crafts

Orange/Lemon: paint the whole front of the plate orange or yellow the cut out 3 long strips of orange or yellow construction paper. Lay on the plate to divid slices

Kiwi: paint the whole front of the plate light green then lay a smaller circle of dark green paper on the plate. Afterwards, get a smaller circle of light green paper and glue it in the middle. Add seeds accordingly!

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