16 Different Kinds of Apples

How about these apples? We have reviews for 16 different types of the most special fruit on earth. APPLES! You already know they are our favorite, it’s pretty obvious right? Read up so you can cut down on the hunt and get straight to delicious, well-flavored apples without biting into anything bad.

What we’re looking for:


16. Empress
A nice looking apple—round, compact, small and mottled red and green like most. Do not let it deceive you. Mealiness lurks within! It tasted like loose sandpaper, which is, I guess, sand. We’ll pass!

15. Mutsu
We wanted this apple to be good because it has a fun name, but it was too sweet. Like biting into a pear instead of an apple that you realized too late had turned to mush. It was like bad apple sauce and not resistant enough on the tooth.

14. Akane
This apple is a little too sweet, but there’s nothing terrible about it if you like a very sweet apple. It wasn’t as crisp as we usually prefer and there was something about the flesh that hinted at a future of mealiness.

13. Paula Red
This was a controversial apple. Half of the tasters hated it, half were sort of fine with it. It has a really floral taste, which can be off-putting if you’re not down with that whole thing.

12. Blondee
This apple looks like a baby Golden Delicious, and that’s pretty much what it tastes like, too. It’s pear-ish and mild. If you’re into that, you’ll like it.

11. Red Delicious
Are you surprised? What a classic. Staked up against the other apples, it was clear that a good Red Delicious is a perfectly serviceable apple. Slightly too sweet, but as long as it’s stored properly, it won’t deteriorate into mealiness. It wouldn’t be our first pick, but 11th sounds right.

10. Mollie’s Delicious
This apple is basically a Red Delicious with a firmer snap that we really appreciate. The first bite is crisp with a similar flavor so if you like Red Delicious but want something crisper.. this apple is it!

9. Golden Delicious
Golden Delicious is sometimes seen as the other apple alternative to Red Delicious apples. It’s not as sweet as Red Delicious, not as tart as Granny Smith. It’s sweet and mild, and usually holds up fine to mealiness.

8. Zestar
Finally, the apple with a cool name we’ve been looking for. This apple is pretty good. Would you believe us if we said it tastes slightly like a watermelon Jolly Rancher?

7. McIntosh
Though too sweet for some of our tasters, a good McIntosh is a great apple if you can find it. It was that sweet crunch and a firm, non-mealy flesh. It’s a solid orchard apple.

6. Granny Smith
A Granny Smith can be too tart for normal eating, but it’s perfect for pies, tarts and crumbles. My fellow apple eaters disagreed—they say that the tartness perfectly balances out a nut butter. Either way, a Granny Smith is likely to steer you right, and the chances of mealiness are slim.

5. Sansa
Of all the bespoke, can’t-find-it-in-the-supermarket apples, the Sansa was the most impressive. It tasted like a cross between a Honeycrisp and a Granny Smith—a great tart-sweet balance and a big apple flavor. It’s simply a great tasting apple.

4. Fuji
Possibly too sweet, but we’d never turn a Fuji down. They have a great, dense, crisp flesh and are regularly superior to many other apple options. Also great—you can find them almost anywhere and at almost anytime even though they are best in season.

3. Gala
A Gala apple has the ideal tooth resistance and non-mealy flesh, and it nudges Fuji out of the third spot just by virtue of having a touch more tartness that rounds out the whole apple-eating experience.


And tied for 1st Place…

1. Pink Lady
This is a chill, mellow apple. It is just tart enough to balance its own sweetness. The flesh is firm and toothsome, and the potential for mealiness is low. If you’re shopping for SUPER supermarket apples this is the one to grab.

1. Honeycrisp
A sweeter apple than the Pink Lady, this is just a cool ride through autumnal tastes. It’s a great apple to pick up at the farmer’s market if you see it. It’s an apple so smooth you feel like you can drink it. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff.

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